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Section A1

  • Non-teaching Establishment.
  • Service matters and general correspondence related to all the non-teaching staff.
  • Preparation of Non-Teaching pay bills.
  • Maintenance of service books
  • Income Tax related works of NTS
  • Revenue recovery in respect of NTS
  • All works related to GPF TA/NRA/Conversion of TA in respect of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.

Section A2 

  • Departmental, AG, Store purchase Department, Finance Dept. Audit-related works.
  • Works related to LC/NLC in respect of all the staff.
  • Works related to college property
  • Annual stock verification 
  • Maintenance of tree register and other land and building-related documents
  • Court cases & Related works.
  • UGC funds:  proposals, allotment, utilization 
  • RUSA, PFMS and related works
  • IQAC and NAAC reaccreditation-related works
  • Non-Plan Fund utilization (including preparation of contingent bills)
  • Auction of usufructs, old newspapers, unserviceable articles 
  • Allocation of college ground, auditorium, lecture halls and college premises.

Section A3 

  • Preparation of plan fund Proposals and related works.
  • Works related to Allotment and Utilization of Plan-Funds.
  • Utilization of all the other funds received from agencies such KSCSTE, DST, FIST
  • Works related to the utilization of college Development committee fund and Matching grant
  • Works related to ASAP, WWS, SSP, Edusat.
  • Appointment of Guest Lecturers (including FDP, PDF substitute) and related works
  • P D fund utilization 
  • Preparations of salary bill of Guest lecturers

Section A4 

  • Works related to the claim students’ Educational concessions (E-grantz), from departments concerned.
  • Timely remittance of E-grantz, received to payee concerned.
  • All the Works related to Scholarships

Section A5

  • Collection of fees (vide Fee Receipt, TR-5) and related works
  • Maintenance of DFCR
  • Maintenance of Term fee Register
  • Preparation of DCB statement
  • Running of College canteen and related works.
  • Work related to CDC

Section B1

  • Teaching staff   Establishment and related works.
  • Preparations of Salary bill of Teaching staff and maintenance of related registers.
  • Income Tax related works of teaching staff.
  • Maintenance of SB of teaching staff.

Section B2

  • Works related to students’ applications for examinations.
  • Conduct University examinations and all other related works.
  • Custody and issuance of mark-lists
  • Conduct PSC and other competitive exams.

Section B3

  • All the Works coming under RTI Act - 2005
  • Reconciliation of expenditure of plan and Non plan
  • Preparation of annual budget estimate.
  • Annual Administrative Reports and other data reports.
  • Students’ bus and railway concession-related works.
  • Works related to admission and closure of SLI, GIS, GPF, FBS, GPAIS

Section B4

  • Custody and maintenance of stationary items including maintenance of Files and registers related.
  • Custody and maintenance of printed forms and registers, including maintenance of Files and registers related.
  • Stationery.
  • Sale of stamps, stickers, coupons etc.
  • NCC and NSS-related works.
  • Maintenance of Despatch Register and Stamp Account Register.

Section B5

  • All the works related to Admission to UG/PG Degree course
  • Preparations of Students’ nominal roll
  • Maintenance of Admission register
  • Works related to Research Scholars doing Research in the college
  • Works related to Students’ discipline, Students; amenities, attendance etc.
  • Issue of ID cards, TC and conduct certificates
  • Works related to study tour
  • Maintenance of Mark register

Fair copy section

    • Making fair copies of all the drafts and statements after approval
    • Maintenance of fair copy registers 
    • Maintenance of inward register and distribution Register.
    • Assisting Exam section clerk for the conduct of University exams.