Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science offers two academic programmes, M A Politics and B A Politics. The department also offers complementary courses for students of Economics stream. An open course is offered for students of all streams. Most of the faculty members are actively engaged in research activities and the department regularly conducts seminars, workshops etc.


Academic Programmes

Programme Duration Qualification Sanctioned Strength
M A Political Science 2 years B A / B Sc degree
B A Political Science 3 years Higher secondary 50


Faculty Members

Name Designation e-mail
Smt. Sreelekha R G (HoD) Assistant professor
Sri. Riju Saimon Assistant professor
Dr. Sheeba M Assistant professor
Sri. Ajimon George Assistant professor
Sri. Manoj Kumar B Assistant professor
Sri. Chandran Komath Assistant professor
Smt. Sivymol T Assistant professor
Sri. Ashar S Assistant professor